About Us

Myrick's Cabinet Shop Inc is a workshop with a long tradition of quality carpentry and fine craftsmanship. Since the founding of our company, we have taken great pride in our satisfied customers. We hand-craft our furniture and cabinetry, tailoring each piece to suit your needs, and offering you comprehensive advice along the way.


Backed by many years of experience in woodworking, we offer our customers versatile solutions, helping them from start to finish on every project. There are times when a customer needs a specific piece tailored specifically for their needs. Factory cabinets often lack the personal touches that make them art. We guarantee that each piece that we create is one that the customer would be proud to see in their home.


Our staff of professional craftsmen is pleased to build every individual piece by hand, designing and crafting each one to your specifications. We maintain direct contact with the customer, assuring that each piece we make is exactly how the customer dreamed it would be. Not sure about what you want? Let us help you design that piece you desire. 

Our Team

Owner and Manager:

Bill Myrick

Phone: (919) 669-5891

Email: Bill@myrickscabinetshop.com